Writerly Rejects

Collectively Getting Rejection Letters

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Writers sharing their rejection from publishers to remind them they are not alone.
What is this?

Good question. This is basically a group for all writers in the process of getting rejection letters from publishers you've submitted your work to. Because rejection is (regrettably) more common than acceptance, there are an awful lot of writers getting an awful lot of rejection letters every day.

Instead of suffering in silence, however, why not share your rejection with other writers? Let's face it. When someone turns down your work, you feel better if you announce it to the world. This is a convenient place to announce it.

Anyone can post an entry. It doesn't have to be long. In fact, a short "I sent [piece you wrote] to [place you submitted to], and it got rejected!" will suffice. If you like, you can describe the situation in a bit more depth (such as describing the piece you submitted, the place you submitted to, whether or not there were any interesting comments along with the rejection letter, etc.) But don't make it so long that your fellow writers will get bored and cease to feel inspired by the camaraderie of collective rejection.

Also, if you happen to receive the joyous fortune of having your work accepted, congratulations! You can share that, too! We would like to know that all our hard work doesn't end solely in rejection. But we'd like most of our entries to feature around getting rejected in some way. This is the common experience over which we can all bond.

What is this not?

This is not:
* A place to get writerly critique.
* A place to share your writing.
* A place to complain ad nauseum regarding how they rejected your beautiful manuscript and how we should feel so sorry for you.
* A place to be outright cynical about the publishing world. Of course you have to see things realistically. You can even see things entirely pessimistically. Just don't show all of your pessimism here.

However, this is:
* A place to bond over mutual rejection from the same publishers.
* A place to possibly find new places to submit to.
* A place to comment on people's entries with encouraging/amusing/relevant remarks.
* A place for us to build up a sense of solidarity as writers.

This probably gives you a rather good sense of what this is. Now, go forth and get those rejection letters!